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Tim Smith
Alison Findlay

Tim is a skilled, experienced expert counsellor using an integrative approach.  He works with children, young people and adults and has extensive experience in a variety of settings from schools, to charities to freelance.  He is a specialist in working with trauma and has acknowledged expertise in working with people who've experienced sexual abuse. Currently he is working at UWE in Bristol on the MA (counselling), as part of an EAP (Employment Assistance Program) with TERC and offers private counselling. He has recently worked with Studio 3 Clinical Services supporting specialist foster carers around the country. 

Tim enjoys walking and cycling and yoga at Urban Yoga and is from North London and an Arsenal fan.   Tim is still a committed European.

When you work with Tim you will experience his empathy, sensitivity and understanding of what's going on beneath the surface.

Alison is a skilled, experienced coach and mentor and a highly-regarded public and voluntary sector leader, accomplished in managing staff, delivering projects and translating policy into practice.  She is committed to bringing recognition to the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector and she has a passion for wellbeing - for individuals, in communities and in the workplace.

Until recently, Alison was CEO at Southern Brooks in South Gloucestershire, she is a vibrant choral singer with Out There Music Bristol, a lifelong Wolves fan, an enthusiastic walker and cyclist and a yogi at Urban Yoga.  In addition, Alison is now bringing her passion for physical wellbeing and healthy ageing to the fore and has qualified as a Nordic Walking instructor with British Nordic Walking.  

She is a committed European. 


When you work with Alison you will experience her strengths and values:


Equality and Justice

Vitality, Passion and Energy

 Kindness and Empathy


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